Jim and I started Jazzy Acres Alpaca Ranch after we moved to the mountains. We wanted to live a life more dedicated to the land and all our creative skills.

We both love animals and after being introduced to these wonderful animals we developed a great love for them, their fleece and its many usages, their personalities, their love for each other.

We grow our own hay (without chemicals). We eat from the garden and use the organic alpaca manure to fertilize our gardens and fields.

We are learning to use the fleece, knitting, spinning and weaving to make products that last for years and provide the wonderful benefits that only alpaca can, ie. hypoallergenic, fire retardant, and warmer than wool. It organically stays clean and dry. It breathes. Alpaca is as soft as cashmere and comes in 22 natural colors.

We are dedicated to improving the herd and the quality of the fleece.

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Jazzy Acres Alpaca Ranch

25 Jones Patton Road
Leicester, NC 28748